Review: Basic Soul Unit / Lerosa – Panorama Bar 02 Part 1

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: o-ton 28


A: Basic Soul Unit – Things Pass

B: Lerosa – Plesso


Kicking, jacking and extremely fresh grooves marks the first sampler from the Panorama Bar 02 CD.

Basic Soul Unit from Canada delivers a really strong track with tripping melodies and mesmerizing funk; ‘Things Pass’ brings things from a lost time of house through the pipes of Panorama Bar and high emotion. The clear attitude and structure of the track is simple, but it also remains very unique with a touch of proper house – a combination that feels absolutely right coming from the Ostgut Ton. Lush claps fills the spectrum of ripping percussion and kicks, rising the bar that Levon Vincent put up a while ago. Not following the exact rough patterns as Levon, having a new style and fusing it with the current state of house with techno dirt, Basic Soul Unit delivers one of the best tracks this year.

Lerosa’s “Plesso” gives a hint of STL-vibe as well as being influenced of late night sessions, the track keeps calm during the entire duration, with smart and deep percussion circling the beat. Every time a track like this comes along, it always feels fresh. Without doing too much with all the elements, the intensity remains and the style is maintained.

The first part from Panorama Bar 02 is out in early October.

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