Review: Skanfrom – Are You Alone?

Label: The All-Clear
Catalog#: AC-3


A: Are You Alone?

B1: I Will Miss You 1

B2: I Will Miss You 2

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The future hasn’t felt as present than with this release from Roger Semsroth’s Skanfrom.

Picking up both a new direction and previous musical activites, sleeparchive has released a experimental noise 10″ on the sleeparchive label, as well as a extremely limited cassette(!) and a CD-R on an Hungarian label. As I’ve waited for another classic ZZZ release, Semsroth puts out this electro 7″ which makes me forget everything I was waiting for from him.

The extreme emotion and intensity of the first track brings out the best of futuristic visions, as well as bringing up memories of Blade Runner and pre-00’s nostalgia. The focus is on building and evolving melodies that combine each other in a very special way, making the track seem constant but at the same time going somewhere. The bassline is doing what it’s “supposed” to do, keeping it all in place.

The B-sides however follow the same pattern, but a more clear electro influence shines through, which feels like a fresh breeze (especially within the genre) – modern, sharp and self-distance tracks that feels like they all belong together.

1 Response to “Review: Skanfrom – Are You Alone?”

  1. 1 Ahoyskin September 8, 2009 at 16:59

    This is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs to check for new releases. Picked up my copy from Boomkat. Great release and great site. Keep ’em coming!

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