Review: WAX No. 20002

Label: WAX
Catalog#: No. 20002


A: Untitled

B: Untitled

Following three excellent white labels on Equalized and Wax, Shed delivers the second one in the latter.

Bringing in a more house groove to the tracks, his trademark aesthetics and funk gets a more distinct groove. Being a close follower of his releases, the A-side resembles the most of his previous material. The cut up percussion and drums fills up by a heavy but yet underlying bass that fills the entire spectrum in the wall of sound. A feeling of oldschool is hard to avoid, but the track does something new at the same time, being both distinct but yet to be pinpointed.

As for the B-side, the house influence is not hard to feel. A slow piano swirls around combined with Shed’s undefinable sound structures and easy percussion. The intensity in the track is always present, but when the beat kicks in, the energy that gets released makes it a candidate for the track of the year.

Wax No. 20002 is only available in the physical Hard Wax store.

2 Responses to “Review: WAX No. 20002”

  1. 1 Joe H August 10, 2009 at 13:24

    The A side is so good! Hypnotic, old school warehouse music.

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