Review: Ben Klock – One Remixes

Label: Ostgut Tonträger
Catalog#: o-ton26


A: Goodly Sin ft. Elif Biçer – Robert Hood Remix

B1: Subzero – Regis-Function aka. Sandwell District Remix

B2: OK ft. Elif Biçer – Kenny Larkin Remix


With Ben Klock’s album ‘One’ from earlier this year, he tried to establish a sound that wasn’t strictly made for the club. A sound that was built from experiences of numerous sets and party tactics. He created a very special take on “the” sound, as well as well as building a very highly regarded foundation of his own style. A little bit out of nowhere, Ostgut Ton now releases the remixes of ‘One’; featuring remixers with great reputation and well deserved respect.

Robert Hood’s take on one of the best tracks from the album is very different. Cutting up elements from Klock’s own reduced sound to create a sonically simple but yet extremely effective club track that resembles a bit of himself, as well as Los Hermanos and some of the rest of Detroit’s finest. The remix sounds very fresh and doesn’t really “fit” into the Ostgut sound, but shows that they as most often know what they are doing. Straight forward, pumping techno.

On the flip there’s two remixes from both Sandwell District as well as Kenny Larkin. ‘Subzero’ is one proper track, getting remixed by the key producers behind Sandwell District. One half of British Murder Boys together with New York-producer Function (who has been making techno almost since the emergance of the sound) made a remix that very well competes with the original. Taking key elements from the originals never ending progression and stripping it down, making it even more bold, Regis-Function combination collaboration push Klock’s sound into a even more tripping state.

Cooling things down a bit, Kenny Larkin push ‘OK’ into a elevated state, bringing in a almost completely new structure to the track. Taking the rough sound from the original and transforming it to something that has such clear Detroit influence and soul would alone be enough – but Larkin pushes it even further into a state of pure love. Classic elements combined with modern techno brings out the most of to worlds here.

Extremely good remix twelve that surely will apply to many DJ’s and fans. Due to be out in early August.

2 Responses to “Review: Ben Klock – One Remixes”

  1. 1 Benjamin Anon July 22, 2009 at 02:06

    Loving the Robert Hood and Sandwell District rmxs. I’m eager to hear more when it’s released.

  2. 2 Georg July 25, 2009 at 21:06

    thanks for your website!
    keep on going!!!

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