Review: Milton Bradley – Psychological Drama


Label: Do Not Resist The Beat!
Catalog#: BEAT 03


A: Psychological Drama

B1: Derealization

B2: Hypnagogic


With haunting textural layers, as well as a large amount of dark and atmospheric sound shapes, Milton Bradley delivers the third ‘Do Not Resist The Beat!’ in under six months – all of exceptional quality and style.

The focus on this release is very different from the previous two. As the fast pace is replaced by something even more undescribable as well as very hypnotic, Bradley brings a darker light on what the outset for the label is about. The strange but still familiar futuristic feeling is there, as well as the very present soundscape, only this time the perception of techno is so well showcased it seems as Milton Bradley knows exactly what he’s doing.

Not only combining the haunting state with perculiar transistor rhythms and sparse percussion, all the sounds work together with the beats which in return drives everything forward as well as the beat itself. ‘Psychological Drama’ as the first track introduces the state of the entire record, with extremely weird melodies and oscillering atmospheres, it’s all combined in a very mystic but yet so self-explaining way. Once the beat goes off, you realize that you didn’t notice what happened until it kicks right back in.

‘Derealization’ sounds as a reworked ‘Feel Forgotten’ (BEAT 01), which is my favorite track from the man. Only what seemed as a human input on ‘Feel Forgotten’, is replaced by something completely alien and fresh sounding, maintaining the essence of that perticular sound as well as further attempts to reduce what was already so reduced. That constant humming combined with the lash yet soft metallic snares are really something special.

The last track, ‘Hypnagogic’ represents a more distinct droning perception of the previous tracks. Heartbeat-like kicks combined with strange loops and excursions brings in a hypnotic vibe in the same sense as certain Rhythm & Sound material, only stripping it down and narrowing it down to something yet to be explained.

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