Review: Unknown – Traversable Wormhole Vol 1


Label: Traversable Wormhole
Catalog#: TW1


A: Transducer

B: Spacetime Symmetries

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Pretty much everything is here, a rough groove with stomping snares and a clear industrial rhythm, filled with spacious drones and undefinable noises, ‘Transducer’ really bring you into hypnosis (if not psychosis for some).

I have a vein for the space/universe references when it comes to records, and this one being a white label as well as having those references is something that contributes to the records vast sound. The structure of ‘Transducer’ is simply timeless, even though it might have been done before, it never siezes to amaze. Especially when it’s made in this way and the result is this good.

This get more mysterious with ‘Spacetime Symmetries’, as a stepping structure replaces the stomp as well as keeping the background atmosphere in a more dwelling state. Keeping it calm seems as a good idea, since the power of the A-side is transformed into something else on ‘Spacetime Symmetries’, where the emphasis is on the feeling of that perticular sound rather than the beat driving it forward. Combining these two tracks brings out the energy of both tracks into a perfect state, very nice!

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