Review: Levon Vincent – Solemn Days

Label: Deconstruct Music
Catalog#: DEC-02


A: Solemn Days

B: Polar Bear Make Nice With That Sea Lion

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Levon Vincent is co-running two different labels, where the sound of every record is something really special. That raw and dirty house feeling is maintained by a few artists and Vincent is easily one of it’s key artists. Where most tracks and artists in that specific style try to relentlessly pursue the “deep” of it all, most of them neglecting that the deepness is found within the attitude of that undescribable moment – not the perticular ethnic vibe, chants or bongos.

Stripping everything down and reducing things to it’s core is one hard and brave way to go. There aren’t many producers that actually manage to sound as themselves by doing this. There are even few who actually sound like it’s what they’ve been doing since they first started making music. Levon Vincent is one of those people.

With ‘Solemn Days’, Levon Vincent takes the sound he gave us with the first Deconstruct Music record aswell as the first Novel Sound release and pushes it into a more subtle direction. The constant pushing of the beat drives it all forward, giving the sparse elements a foundation to build on as well as maintaining the cool of all elements separately. The Omar-S-ish vibe of the melody fits perfectly, as Vincent constantly builds the momentun of the seemingly simple yet so effective groove – when the melody kicks in, you know you’re in good hands.

On the B-side, a seemingly reconstructed ‘Woman Is The Devil’ (DEC-01), ‘Polar Bear Make Nice With That Sea Lion’ brings out the chords with extreme precision and style. The very rawness of it all gets even better when a such organic instrument is introduced in a very unexpected way – constantly flowing through the wind-shaped snares and percussion, Levon Vincent shows his very talented modulation of every element and sound in the track.

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