Review: V.A. – We Still Try

Label: Zooloft
Catalog#: ZOOLOFT000


A1: Obtane & Fris – Suprabomb – ???? Remix

A2: ???? – The Other Three Days

B1: Obtane & Fris – Little Drunken Devil – Soz Adams Remix

B2: Sebastian Herre & ‘I Won’t Stand Still’ – You Grew Old Because You Stopped Laughing

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The new Italian(!) label Zooloft focuses on bringing techno to it’s top level. I guess a lot of people agrees with that, as the vinyl sold out pretty instantly.

The sound is very reduced and clean, especially the B side with steady percussions and clever drum programming. For me, the A side is really something special. Featuring an anonymous producer as well as original material from label presidents Obtane and Fris, it sounds timeless and more thought out. The answering machine message on A1 is a smart sample and fits very well to the hollowed hope of the track.

For the anonymous producer, you can hear who it is if you listen carefully and “know your techno” – especially on the B2.

Thanks to ???? for the record!

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