Review: O/V/R – Interior EP


Label: Blueprint
Catalog#: BP025


1. Interior
2. Rapid Eye
3. Fallen Night Renew

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Straight from nowhere, Regis and Ruskin team up to revive the old Blueprint label. With an release that seems to be digital only (which is very unfortunate), they prove yet again that they know exactly what they are doing. Regis’ split with Surgeon might have sparked new life to former collaborations as well as new ones, which means that there will probably be another high quality output from a very unprepared direction sooner or later.

With the ‘Interior EP’, the proven sound that have been shown mainly on Sandwell District is one that works very well in the hands of these guys. The main title track starts things off immediately, with hard hitting drums and percussions. Following the sound of today, it brings out an clear and quite dark sound structure that will remain for the entire release. When ‘Rapid Eye’ comes in, the direction is less certain but much more experimental. Less focus is placed on the beat, which works more as a base for the rest of the sounds to stand on.

On the last track, acidic elements are introduced in a appertained fashion. The subtle variations of Regis more recent sound really comes out on this track, which is the most subtle of all three – combined with a stomping groove, the subtle and calm track blasts out with a really hard edge and cold elements. Excellent productions!

1 Response to “Review: O/V/R – Interior EP”

  1. 1 chrisdisco May 4, 2009 at 21:39

    this is a pretty good release, but much prefer the stuff regis is doing on sandwell… and from what i understand, i think these guys have been DJ’ing together for a bit now, and this is their first attempt in the studio.

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