Review: N/A – Variance III & IV – Marcel Dettmann Edit & Regis Edit

Label: Sandwell District
Catalog#: SD14


A: Variance III – Marcel Dettmann Edit

B: Variance IV – Regis Edit

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Sandwell District puts out yet again a extremely well built record, with two men that in the highest regard understand techno and it’s principles (or lack of such depending how you see it).

Following a pattern of unpredictable releases, combined with different artwork and a unusual way of releasing tracks (look at SD13 for an example). One thing that always seem to be the same is the high quality material that’s pressed on these records – and this is definitely not an exception!

Marcel Dettmann’s take on Variance III falls somewhere between his earlier work, such as the M.A.M. remix on Vidab as well as staying true to his newer more experimental sound (such as the remix on Modeselektor and the Loco Dice one).

Extremely subtle variations in the melody, with only tiny sounds from the original, Dettmann creates a whole new dimension in comparsion to both Regis and Function’s edits. The timid beat fits perfectly as a structure for the haunting wind sweeps that shapes around the hihats and bassline, getting the track to progress naturally and creating an exceptional sound.

Regis take is more blunt and different in the sense of where the focus is put. The track pays hommage to his earlier Sandwell District material, but also has the same confidence as Dettmann’s edit. The perfect balance between the two edits is exceptional – while Dettmann’s edit is the more calm one of the two, Regis shows a different side of the same sound. While the original probably is an exceptional track, Dettmann and Regis gives us two edits that at least fills my expectations and will be in my case for ages.

1 Response to “Review: N/A – Variance III & IV – Marcel Dettmann Edit & Regis Edit”

  1. 1 REDJ May 18, 2009 at 14:11

    Excellent playlist & Blog



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