Review: Planetary Assault Systems – Temporary Suspension

Label: Ostgut Tonträger
Catalog#: o-ton24


A: Temporary Suspension

B: Mark Me


Having featured tracks on two out of three Berghain mix CD’s, being played and charted by almost every resident DJ that’s connected with the Ostgut crew, Planetary Assault System’s first release on Ostgut was a pleasant semi-surprise. The consistant quality output that Ostgut have maintained at a tight release “schedule”, it amazes me how they manage to almost always pull it off.

‘Temporary Suspension’ is one of those tracks that brings you into a really strange sonic mindstate, with a extremely subtle bassline combined with a sinebass that’s almost not audiable, PAS manage to create a ground from which the percussion and synth lies steadily upon. Various changes in the melodic patterns create the feeling that it’s very live and driven forward – trippy!

On the other side, ‘Mark Me’ has a hard hitting edge combined with a traditional PAS production style. It’s very raw and reduced. With clever beat variations and small melodies, the metallic snares and hi-hats gets the depth of a Omar-S presence (think the ‘Blown Valvetrane’ release on Sound Signature). The quality organisation of sounds and the experimental sense of this track really brings out the best of modern techno.

The release is due in early May.

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