Live at The Office with Cio D’or

Usually I have a lot of excuses for the bad mixing, but not this time … I hope you still like it though! The mix is made by me, Noah Gibson. Cio’s mix was never recorded!

“Noah. Kör fett hårt den här gången”


1. Radio Slave – Neverending…..
2. DJ Koze – I Want To Sleep
3. Shed – Kinky Dudes
4. Tan-Ru – Changeling
5. Gowentgone – M.A.M. – Marcel Dettmann Remix
6. 3 Phase – A2
7. Robert Hood – School
8. Seldom Felt – Seldom Felt 2 A
9. Shed – The Lower Upside Down – Surgeon Remix
10. Marcel Dettmann – Plain
11. Jörg Henze – Karbon
12. “DS50188-1”
13. Marcel Dettmann – Lattice
14. Seldom Felt – Seldom Felt 2 B
15. MMM – Donna
16. Surgeon – Bad Hands Break Part II
17. Shed – That Beats Everything!
18. Substance & Vainqueur – Emerge 1 – British Murder Boys Remix 1
19. Mike Dehnert – Umlaut Remix 1
20. Kenny “Jammin'” Jason – Can U Dance?

Download 320kbps (CBR) MP3 file


9 Responses to “Live at The Office with Cio D’or”

  1. 1 Danny April 20, 2009 at 15:34

    Sweet, downloading now. I’m interested in the Cio D’Or mix too…

  2. 2 tom May 4, 2009 at 21:06

    sounds like an amazing party – wish i could have been there 🙂 great mix

  3. 3 Wolf May 16, 2009 at 00:49

    Hello, Futurist?!

    Maybe I am the biggest fan of Cio D’Or… Sadly, In lack of money I couldn’t be @ The Office, I saw in the video it was really great!

    It’s a nice mix, but who made it? Only Cio D’Or is mentioned in the headline. But this is definitely no Cio D’Or mix. She never wants to be recorded while playing so much unreleased tracks in respect of their creators.

    Would you please be so kind, to add your name in the headline and add some lines about that in the article, because when you search for Cio D’Or at google or something you get here and it is not really clear that it’s not her mix.

    Thank you so much in advance and sorry for the inconvenience.

    Greets from Cologne! Have a nice weekend!°


  4. 4 thefuturistmusic May 16, 2009 at 12:45


    Thanks! It was a great night, Cio has a great vibe.

    The recording is my DJ mix, before Cio played. The title is this way because it was recorded at the same night she visited The Office. We haven’t recorded her set, since she told us the very same thing you wrote.

    It shouldn’t appear to be Cio’s mix anymore now.


  5. 5 Shaun Khan June 28, 2009 at 17:32

    good mix, Tan Ru – Changeling is excellent. Thumbs up.

  6. 6 PIGPRODZ July 22, 2009 at 20:01

    I’m Sticking on your set tonight while i’m working…

    Great job, for sure !

  7. 7 PIGPRODZ July 22, 2009 at 20:02

    But the link is broken ! How can i download it anyway ?

  8. 8 thefuturistmusic July 23, 2009 at 21:44

    Please e-mail and remind me at noah.gibson at, and I’ll send you a new link.

    Even though it’s quite old, thanks for requesting it!

  9. 9 Malo February 20, 2012 at 16:29

    The set isn’t available actually … link broken : (
    thank’s for good words and nice selection ; as well you gave us pretty good vibes !



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