Review: Gowentgone – Remixes 2

Label: Vidab
Catalog#: vidab 08.5

A: Love And Respect – Oracy’s Dusty Basement Attempt

B: Point-Blank – Sven’s Blank Cut Mix, Remix By Sven Weisemann


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Gowentgone gets his second remix treatment by two producers that reside in the deeper house camp, which is strange and pretty daring since the original tracks are more techno-ish. As well as the previous installment, this one has a dusty feel to it. A certain rawness that in combination with the great structure and experimental value in both tracks makes them worth your while.

Oracy from Mojuba and a.r.t.l.e.s.s. throws in a lot of sublime power and ambient qualities and sonic manipulations, topping off with a haunting treatment on the vocal. The excellent sparse use of samples from the original makes the sound breathe in a different way, making the track more confident and a bit more uncompromising. Excellent material.

Swen’s nautical and gwan dub style fits perfectly with the style of the original ‘Point Blank’. Slowly evolving structures that have a special focus on them, which in combination makes the track feel heavy and always going forward.

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