Review: Francois X – Future Roots Vol 3

Label: Deeply Rooted House
Catalog#: DRH 024

A: Bane

B: Plane


Francois X’ release feels so fresh by doing so little. Building tracks that are as groovy as these are hard to find, especially since it’s a ground that has been explored for quite some time. I love how he has created a sphere of extremely subtle variations that just goes by at a quick listen.

If you give the record a chance though, you’ll hear how well constructed the tracks are – and especially get the feeling of the depth and soul of them both. The groove is pretty straight forward on both sides, some small changes in the percussion are placed perfectly and blend into the groove that changes the direction of the wall-of-sound. The focus is both in the foreground and background, but giving changes to the main melody and the backbone of the track at different times makes them feel as if new elements are introduced.

Great sounds, synths, basses and percussion makes this record something special. If you’re looking for the next purchase at your local shop next time, be sure to give this one a listen.

1 Response to “Review: Francois X – Future Roots Vol 3”

  1. 1 Francois X April 14, 2009 at 13:30

    Many Thanx for the kind words…..I really appreciate it.
    It’s very interesting the way you felt the tracks, because it’s the right one!!!


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