Review: Tony Lionni & Radio Slave – Berghain 03 Part 1

Label: Ostgut Tonträger
Catalog#: o-ton22


A: Tony Lionni – Found A Place

B: Radio Slave – Neverending…..

As Len Faki is doing the Berghain 03 mix CD, the followup to André Galluzzi and Marcel Dettmann’s previous showcases, Ostgut Ton releases two vinyls (as they also did previously) with the unreleased tracks from the mix CD.

Starting off with Tony Lionni’s contagious and right-at-the-front house track, the mood is set. From quite a number of heavy and dark techno releases on Ostgut, this track fits perfectly as a small break. Reaching through a lot of different feelings with ‘Found A Place’ on the A-side, I get the impression that Lionni knows the feelings of Panoramabar as well as Berghain, but also pursuing his own sound under the direction of those places and feelings.

‘Found A Place’ is one of those tracks that, if you accept what you are hearing and just feel like dancing, you’ll love this one at the height of a great DJ set. It’s very emotional, structured and actually quite deep – the only thing that would need some more work is the beat, it lacks a bit of… oumph!

Radio Slave on the other hand, with his never ending signature sound, display a slightly different mood and groove with his track ‘Neverending…..’ on the flip. Grabbing his really special DJ sets at both Panoramabar and Berghain, he fuses a lot of dirt into this one, making it reach different levels of progression and sound structure. Resembling maybe a bit too much to the track ‘RJ’ on Running Back, the mood is really different here. I get a sense that Matt Edwards has taken this proven sound, transformed it back to his roots and then reached a whole new level of “forward”.

Because forward is what it’s all about.

1 Response to “Review: Tony Lionni & Radio Slave – Berghain 03 Part 1”

  1. 1 Joe H March 16, 2009 at 17:39

    Wow, that Tony Lionni track is dope, it reminds me of great warehouse music from the 90’s. This is going to kill it in Miami.

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