Review: Fabric 45 by Omar S – Detroit

Label: Fabric
Catalog#: fabric45

1. Polycopter
2. Flying Gorgars
3. Strider’s World
4. Oasis Four
5. Crusin Conant
6. U
7. Oasis 13 1/2
8. 1 Out Of 853 Beats
9. Simple Than Sorry
10. Psychotic Photosynthesis
11. The Maker
12. A Victim
13. Oasis One
14. Blade Runner
15. Day
16. Set Me Out


There is a very good feature with Omar-S on RA, where he says:

Did you read the shit people are saying already about the Fabric Mix? A few assholes are talking about “Oh, Omar-S. He did the same thing as Ricardo Vi-vi–….” whatever the fuck he’s called. I don’t even know who Ricardo Willalobo is. I ain’t start hearing his name till like a year ago. Who the fuck is that? So how would I know what he did for Fabric? I don’t even know how to say his last name, why would I bite off of him?

Fabric got 45 mixes; I only heard one other one, the Matthew Dear one. It was cool, he played some shit on there. That’s the only one I ever heard, I ain’t heard Carl Craig’s, Stacey Pullen’s. Nothing to disrespect them, I just never heard them. People try to say that I’m arrogant, how the fuck am I arrogant? This is promotion for Omar-S, Oasis and FXHE Records for people who don’t even know who the fuck I am. This mix will reach out to people that I would never know how to reach out to. Why not do a mix like this? People just want to talk shit.”

One thing I love with DJs and producers that are pissed off is that when they get their act together, they create something really special. Maybe it’s because things are at the edge, or maybe it’s the anger itself that creates the spark of originality and enthusiasm. Either way, this CD is at the top shelf together with Robert Hood’s mix from last year.

Doing “the same thing as Ricardo whatever-the-fuck-his-name-is”, Omar-S clearly shows that he means what he says, that he doesn’t need anybody else’s tracks.

The flow that fills this mix is unreal, it’s so raw and powerful. Analogue beats that goes through the process of a man who clearly knows how to get things going is a deadly combination. Featuring previously released material on the FXHE label and unreleased material, the persistent attitude of Omar-S and his unique sense of keeping things underground really shows a different side of his musical intentions here.

This mix is of course for fans of the FXHE outputs, but also for those who don’t know how to come over white labeled releases with written center-labels on wax. I consider it to be a good move from him, since even though many think buying vinyl is the way to go, not everybody cares that much.

In this mix, it’s really clear that he’s a productive and talented producer, spinning tracks that lies between house and techno combined with lots of love and passion – in a way that fits his fuck-off attitude. In these days it’s hard to be original, but defining Omar-S in one word, he is original.

The mix is due mid-March.

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