Review: 2000 & One – Heritage

Label: 100% Pure
Catalog#: PURE CD 6

1. Burning Dub
2. Honey Bush
3. Spanish Fly
4. Egusi
5. Dat Na Poku
6. State of House
7. Mejiro
8. Wan Poko Moro


Next friday 2000 & One’s new album will be released – which is packed with rough house music that is filled with groove and a lot of Jack.

Reading up on some opinions about the album, people seem a bit divided wether it’s good or bad. I’ve come to the conclusion that the tracks differ from each other, which is probably the reason that it’s caused so many different opinions. Sure, it’s all house music with no frills, but it’s also a wide style of sound that you notice if you listen more carefully. This is why I’ve given it a few listens more than I usually do – hence the review being posted now and not earlier.

To summarize the sound of the album, it’s drenched with 2000 & One’s sound of course, and to be more precise the style he presented with his remix of Chic’s track ‘Jack Is Whack’ and the great Kit Clayton track ‘Grey Amber’. Even though 2000 & One, or Dylan, has gotten a certain sound that you can expect, his album shows a different side of it. With the second track, ‘Honey Bush’, he makes use of brilliant sampling and arrangement, that fuses both funk and calmness together, which is probably the most stand out track on the album.

The funk gets a jetpack with ‘Spanish Fly’, which is fueled by a crazy synthline that goes on for the entire 7+ minutes. Think Radio Slave meets Enrique Iglesias under the supervision of 2000 & One.

From ‘Egusi’ and henceforth, the excellent production skills of man whose been in the music for 20 years gets justice. Pure eye-rollback-jaws-open-6-am-timelessness is fused with the fantastic ‘Egusi’. The track starts off with a unsurprising but steady beat that has absolutely no frills, which would do very well in a transition. Then the synth sweeps in and grabs you instantly before you even notice what the hell happened.

The percussion and beat gets a better focus with ‘Dat Na Poku’, which focuses on a chopped and twisted vocal sample and heavy percussion – most definitely the jack-track of the album. As for the anti-climax of the album, ‘State of House’ comes in, being the worst track of the release. It’s all right, but compared to the rest of the tracks, it just seems to lack the finishing touch of Hermelijn’s.

The album is very well produced, with a lot of attention to Dylan’s sound and attitude. It’s a great album for a producer that makes no bullshit dance floor house – because that’s exactly what this is.

My favorite tracks:

Honey Bush

Dat Na Poku


2 Responses to “Review: 2000 & One – Heritage”

  1. 1 pito February 9, 2009 at 18:12

    horrible album, i prefer the 2000 and one as a remixer, engineer.
    cheesy house everywhere, totally dissapointed :s

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