Review: Claro Intelecto – Warehouse Sessions

Label: Modern Love
Catalog#: Love052cd

1. Thieves
2. New Dawn
3. Trial And Error
4. Signals
5. X
6. Only Yesterday
7. Instinct
8. Post
9. Hunt You Down
10. Momento
11. W6

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Raw and heavy warehouse sessions, forged by Modern Love’s Claro Intelecto.

From the first track you get thrown into the reduced and energetic sound that feels rough with a minimalistic edge. The sound transforms into different styles, ranging down to the deepest dub flowing and jacking techno to timeless structures from the 90’s, making a persistent effort to keep you focused.

It’s hard to define Claro Intelectos sound. It varies a lot and always keeps an experimental edge to it that flow through all frequencies and percussion. A certain remark is that he clearly shows that he is capable of delivering good material, with both frequent releasing and maintaining a high standard in the productions. Every track keeps a slow pace with horizontal energy and progression, which makes sense in the right context.

My favorite tracks:

New Dawn


Hunt You Down


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