Review: Unknown – Seldom Felt 3


Label: Seldom Felt
Catalog#: SELDOM FELT 003

A: Tarpuntine Sun

B: Face Value

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Some people care a lot about the things surrounding techno, such as artwork, good clubs, being famous, playing the latest records and being credible etc.

There are also a few people left who only, and I mean only, care about the music. There is nothing that can take away the attention, the energy or the vibe from them.

Some might say that releasing white label records with no information other than a label and catalog number might be some sort of marketing trick, that adds to the mystique and discussion rather than making an effort to marketing it the old fashioned way.

I’d like to think that Seldom Felt is making a honest effort in releasing music with no regard to anything other than whats pressed on the wax, just timeless techno. The first two releases were extremely good, featuring different styles and attitude mixed with lot’s of love.

The third piece here is the one with a more old-school sound, where ‘Terputine Sun’ is a reduced and subtle straight groover and ‘Face Value’ adds up to the energy with it’s raw acidic structure and melody. Both tracks are steadily growing and have different values to them.

Don’t sleep.

1 Response to “Review: Unknown – Seldom Felt 3”

  1. 1 azxtlx September 15, 2010 at 10:22

    no sleeping on “face value”

    one of the best techno tracks of 2009 !!!

    big love to the true party people: “stay up forever!”

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