The Futurist’s ‘Best of 2008′ – Part 2

These releases are the best ones from 2008, presented in no specific order and are equally good in different ways. Featuring both CD’s and vinyl’s, I hope this gives you a comprehensive overview from this past year.

Marcel Dettmann – MDR 04

Label: Marcel Dettmann Records / MDR
Catalog#: MDR 04


A1: Clime

A2: Lattice

B1: Shatter Proof

B2: Corebox

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The MDR 04 is Marcel Dettmann’s most experimental release to date. Starting off with ‘Clime’, a Burial-like thunderstorm of ambience and drones, giving a hint of melancholic ambivalence between darkness and brightness – a “monument” over what’s coming over the next track on the release.

‘Lattice’ is one of the most powerful tracks of 2008, focusing around atmospheric changes in the background and a gigantic sweep in the foreground. Small changes in the wall-of-sound erupt from different angles. The kick is so fierce it needs to be played on a sound system with a good spectrum in the lower frequencies.

On the B-sides, ‘Shatter Proof’ shows a new and experimental sound from Marcel, which is best described as a purist techno track transformed into a stepping structure and ‘Corebox’, which brings things back into a straighter techno beat but still holding strong onto the broken beat style.

Not being only a really important release of 2008, it’s a warehouse destroyer – this is what you can expect from Marcel Dettmann.


Spatial – Infra 001 EP

Label: Infrasonics
Catalog#: Infra001


A: 80207

B: 70810

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At the edge of 2008, one of the best UK Garage/dubstep/techno/half-step tracks are released. On this 10″, UK producer Spatial shows great skill and production. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

Combining a modern styled techno attitude with the broken rhythms of old garage vibes, the A-side’s ‘80207’ maintains a calmness which crawls under your skin, together with a vocal that penetrates the bass and percussion in a deadly way.

‘70810’ on the other side is pure rawness and beauty, weird structures and scapes twirls around the bass and dubstep percussion. This is a fast paced electronic track which will definitely set standards in 2009 as it completely destroyed 2008…

Watch out for this one!


Silent Servant – Violencia

Label: Sandwell District
Catalog#: SD 11


A: Silent Servant / Kalon – Violencia

B1: Silent Servant – Violencia

B2: Silent Servant / Function – Violencia

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Jagging, distorted, raw and powerful warehouse techno – Silent Servant. One of the members from Sandwell District has teamed up with Kalon and Function to create one of 2008’s best releases, a wide arrangement of different styles of approach and expression.

Kalon’s version of ‘Violencia’ is the most raw one, re-arranging the track structure and energy, giving more space for the main melody, whereas the original version bring things down to a more subtle level with a more dub-wise structure and less noise.

The version by Function is more straight forward, bringing in a straight techno groove and subtle changes into the atmosphere rather than making the track atmospheric itself – involving certain trademark sounds and a burning hole into the blanket of warm sounds.


Portable – Knowone Can Take Away

Label: Perlon
Catalog#: PERL 70


A: Release

B: The Many

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Let’s walk away for a while with our drinks and sit down at the jetty, watching the sun slowly rise in the background, shedding light through the sails of the boats at sea. In the background, ‘Release’ is slowly mixed in at a perfect volume and there is no tomorrow, just right now.

The anthem of warm summer days was released in July, together with the house track ‘The Many’ on the flip. The warm and atmospheric wall of sound is so pleasant and flows through your ears, making you relax and slow down for a while.

This moment is never again…


Trackwerk – 001

Label: Trackwerk
Catalog#: 001

A: Untitled

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Warehouse anthem in a raw and distorted style, charted by everyone between Redshape and Dettmann. Extremely well produced house track with a real analogue feel, tripping melody and jacking beats. Killer track on a single sided issue, shows just how raw things can be before it gets too much.

Absolute killer, get your hands on it!


Sound Stream – “Live” Goes On

Label: Sound Stream
Catalog#: SST 04


A: “Live” Goes On

B1: Rainmaker

B2: Dance With Me

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Strong pounding house tracks with all the best parts from disco, keeping an authentic feel but adding that Berghain-flavor which keeps things right in place.

‘”Live” Goes On’ is the track here, with a raw piano fused together with a deep structure and rhythm, making you move your legs and “jack yourself”. As ‘Rainmaker’ kicks in, things get a bit more uptempo and starlit and even MORE tripping – electronic LSD for your mind, body and soul.

The last track is ‘Dance With Me’, the height of pure soul transformed into a modern piece of house, the track pulls you into a feel-good vibe. The breakdown with only the samples and melody makes you want more, just then the kick pulls back in again and it’s on!


Technose Distrikt – Technose Distrikt Volume 1

Label: Rush Hour Recordings
Catalog#: TND 001

A: Untitled

B: Untitled

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Hard hitting and rhythmic, on the edge of stepping, techno grooves from A’dam’! Fierce and retro-sounding, these tracks from Technose Distrikt are one of the most interesting releases of 2008.

Keeping distance from similar tracks in the same style, Technose get things going through variation in small portions, keeping things looping but never being repetative. The high production class is what makes this release stand out – it’s so groovy you’ll dance until your shoes wear down.

The A-side has a dusty feel to it, keeping things brewing and subtle, while still being upfront. As for the other side, things get more direct – the intense and great melody swings around in a weird but funky way, keeping the stepping and straight parts of the track together and merging the percussion into the beat.

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