Review: Various Artists – Soundboy’s Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals

Label: Skull Disco
Catalog#: Skull CD 2



1. Shackleton – The Rope Tightens
2. Appleblim & Peverelist – Circling
3. Shackleton – Death Is Not Final
4. Shackleton – You Bring Me Down
5. Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here
6. Shackleton – In The Void
7. Shackleton – The Branch Is Weak
8. Shackleton – Shortwave
9. Appleblim – Vansan


1. Appleblim – Vansan – T++ Remix
2. Shackleton – Shortwave – Pole Remix
3. Shackleton – The Branch Is Weak – Geiomix
4. Shackleton – In The Void – Rupture Remix
5. Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here – Brendon Møller Remix
6. Shackleton – You Bring Me Down – Peverelist Remix
7. Shackleton – Death Is Not Final – T++ Remix
8. Appleblim & Peverelist – Circling – Bass Clef’s Radius Remix
9. Shackleton – The Rope Tightens – Badawi Remix

Rating: 5/5


The now defunct Skull Disco imprint has come to it’s last release. This excellent two discer sums up all tracks released on Skull Disco since may 2007 and the first compilation.

Appleblim, who co-runs the label with Shackleton, said that the label would not last forever – how many times can a soundboy get killed and desecrated?

As for the first release, it felt like something raw and new, completely thought through and well produced, the second one doesn’t stand in it’s shadow at all. The first CD is a slow paced and dark, somtimes horrid in it’s evil ways and mind crunching basslines and percussion – but always keeping things going in the right direction. The sparse use of elements and sonic progression in the, soundwise, small use of sounds and melodies makes every small change in the wall of sound stunning, creating a lot of unexpected turns and twirls.

Making a compilation of this magnitude sometimes makes me feel a strong anticlimax and a bit indifferent, since it feels a bit unnecessary and rushed. The smart move here was to put all the remixes since the first compilation and adding a few new ones to it, making a purchase of the disc something more than a collection of the label’s last releases.

The first disc truly has it’s moments. Especially the tracks where Appleblim and Peverelist get’s together. Shackleton’s sound always keeps his high standards and unique sound, adding a mythological and ‘extinct’ method of dubstep, making you want to close your eyes and making you feel just human. I really don’t know how they do it…

The remix disc features both well known artists as well as some at least I’ve never heard of before. T++ transforms his remixes into eroted dubstepXtechno numbers with a large portion of radiation. Pole takes ‘Shorwave’ into a bit more electronica/IDM-wise groove, adding reveresed bleeps and noises with perfection. The other remixers does an excellent job maintaining the quality to perfection and adding and reducing the originals with a careful approach.

This is a truly unique release which will influence people for a long time – you should get this as soon as possible. The ancient has never sounded so new.

Get it here!

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