Skull Disco

Skull Disco is the label that resides Shackleton and Appleblim in it’s underground lair. Their complex structure of the tracks they release are a symbol of style for the label, as well as renowned and crowned by lots of producers in various styles and fans all over the world.

The first release was a misprint with reversed center labels, different mastering and without a sleeve. These were stolen from Shackleton’s apartment while he was moving. The remaining 60 copies he dug up from his basement are now limited editions. This tells at least me, that no matter what both Shackleton and Appleblim will find a way to cope with unforeseen things – which probably is the result of the Skull Disco label.

Since the first half of releases on the label (that when looking back makes you understand the evolution in both Shackleton’s and Appleblim’s sound) the overall quality and bravery in the tracks goes to a steeper and deeper wall of sound. Introducing T++ as a remixer on the latter releases was a genius move if you ask me that together with the original and fresh production on the A-sides took things to an entirely new level. Ricardo Villalobos had the honour to remix ‘Blood On My Hands’ which brought the original to (impossible enough) a more trippy atmosphere and wobbly attitude.

Together with funny and sometimes uncomfortable artwork (music isn’t about standing still and getting safe!) and weird release names, Shacky and Appleblim have made a truly unique footprint in the myth- and dubstep area alongside the more experimental sides of techno.

Skull Disco are now closing down. This is for me really sad as it is one of my absolute favorite labels. But things aren’t just going to fade away.

The last release is a double CD entitled ‘Soundboy’s Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals‘, with all the original tracks from SKULL007 and forwards, together with an incredible remix CD as the second disc. This will probably be one of the most important releases of 2008.

A review will be posted when the time comes. Remember to get all the Skull Disco releases on vinyl before the masses finds out they’re closing down!

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