Review: Scuba – Ruptured / Poppies (Remixes)


Label: Hotflush
Catalog#: HFRMX003


A: Ruptured – Surgeon Remix

B: Poppies – Substance Dub Version

Rating: 5/5


What I admire with some of these new labels (such as Hotflush, Apple Pips, 3024 etc) is that they do what no other label dares to do – they take a little bit of this and that, putting in a truckload of soul (or lack of soul if you’re seeing it differently), having not to compromise and just let the groove go.

About half a year ago Scuba’s album ‘A Mutual Antipathy’ got out. It didn’t just feature a really good album name, but also a lot of great tracks. Since then he has released a single from the album and this remix single. The remix singles will be released in three parts with an CD album with every remix (and vinyl aswell I think) and digitally as well.

This is the first vinyl with remixes of the remix album and features Surgeon and Substance. Just looking at the tracklist makes my jaw drop.

Surgeon’s remix keeps the power from the original mix of ‘Ruptured’, but he pushes the more danceable atmosphere of it into a deeper techno groove – while keeping the essential industrial parts of the original. Filling the gaps between the broken beats and melodies with his trademark percussion and drums, he redefines the main melody’s structure making it much, much darker.

Substance with his Dub Version removes most of the originals wall of sound, but replacing it with a drenched beat and a more dubbed out melody that lies just beneath the bassline, creating an babylonian monster that won’t be taken by anything else than 21 inch subs.

This is a really good first record and I can’t wait for the rest of the remixes (especially the one with the Marcel Dettmann remix).

Essential purchase – Buy Here

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