Review: Zomby – Where Were You In ’92?

Label: Werk
Catalog#: WERKCD006

1. Fuck Mixing Let’s Dance

2. Euphoria

3. Get Sorted

4. Float

5. Need UR Lovin’

…and some more tracks I don’t have samples on.

Rating: 4/5

A while back there was a lot of noise (literally) about the new rave music and culture. I never really got into understanding what it really was more than the annoying sides of it – the bad music and the annoying crowd of it. The thing is there is no new rave. Rave is here and has been for the last decade – there hasn’t been anything new with it – until now.

Zomby usually makes dubstep/junglist grooves, but this time he’s made a CD with tracks that pays hommage to his youth. Air sirens mixed with stab pianos and energy so intense it will knock you off your office chair. Merging the usual ingredients in old school rave music he puts in sounds that resembles old Nintendo machines and SID-chips, fusing them together in a way that doesn’t perforate your eardrums.

Usually I get tired of air sirens and too much “in-your-face” attitude, but this release is something special. Zomby has an ear for when things are getting a bit too much, that keeps his tracks always on the right side of the line. This makes me believe that he is capable of transforming the ancient ways of rave into the sound of the present without destroying or taking too much of either one – a perfect blend more or less.

It’s hard to judge this release at home since it’s obviously meant to be listened at in a warehouse or similar, but trying to be subjectively objective as possible and visualizing it in it’s proper environment I can honestly recommend this one.

But if you never ever liked raves – stay away.

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