Review: Klockworks – Klockworks 04

Label: Klockworks
Catalog#: 04


A1: Pulse

A2: Grope

B1: Grab Me

B2: Grasp

Rating: 2,5/5

As most of you probably know, Klockworks is the moniker and label from the Berghain resident Ben Klock. The label probably doesn’t have a release schedule based on the fact of the months (and years) between them. This makes me hope that every new release would be very well worked through and proper.

But since the first and second release I think that most of the tracks sounds like DJ tools that, quite frankly, don’t need to be released.

Starting with the A-side with the track ‘Pulse’, it brings up a little promise about a grooving record that with a crunched and mechanical-like atmosphere will keep both your head and knees nodding. For me, this track is the only one on the release which seems good enough for a vinyl.

The rest of the tracks seems quite insignificant. They are really close of being something special, especially with the small sounds here and there that craves your attention and the excellent use of effects on each channel.

The B2 side with ‘Grasp’ is the second best track on the release with it’s nice hint of Detroit influence and wobbling bassline and cut up hihat – unfortunately it doesn’t lift the release to a higher rating because of the tracks between it and ‘Pulse’ on the A1. If Klock would get rid of the tracks ‘Grope’ and ‘Grab Me’ this release would get a more solid energy and a distinct feeling to it.

If you are a fan of Klocks material, this release is worth a listen to and up for your judgement. If you haven’t liked his previous work you shouldn’t really bother.

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