Review: MLZ & Pacou – Remixes


Label: Cache Records
Catalog#: CACHE 011


A: Pacou – Minus – MLZ Remix

B: MLZ – New Analog Century – Pacou Remix

Rating: 4/5


New installment in the excellent Cache label!

As usual with Cache the release feels very worked through and holds a high standard, which is quite hard to come by these days.

MLZ is behind the Modern Love label, which is a part of the store Pacou is the man behind Cache Records. Together they have now remixed each other which is both interesting and a great result of two talents.

The MLZ remix on the A side has a very subtle but heavy feel to it, generated by haunting synthlines with reverbed claps and percussion, rattling hihats and a bubbling bassline. Perfect to close your eyes to and float away, the suble progressions in the track makes you forget about both time and space.

Pacou of Tresor fame has made his remix into a dub number with and extremely cut kick drenched in slow paced ping-pong-ish synth chord stabs. If you compare both sides of this 12″, the wall of sound is almost the same, which makes me guess they have influenced each other under the producing stage.

Not much can be said other than that the tracks feel absent of time and space, they create their own worlds in which they welcome you. This release is not so easy to swallow if you don’t like dubbed out soundscapes, but if you do, this one’s for you.

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