Review: Rolando – Hiatus EP

Label: Delsin
Catalog#: 73DSRRLD1


A: Where Were You? – Original Mix
B: Where Were You? – Dub Mix

Rating: 4/5

Rolando’s last release before Hiatus EP is the Jaguar Mixes EP on Underground Resistance – probably because of the Sony and BMG incidents that happened 8 years ago. Underground Resistance would not license the track to Sony so they decided to steal it instead and then push the negative publicity over to BMG. From what I know Sony and BMG wrote a letter of apology to Underground Resistance and the 430 West label but Rolando didn’t get his royalties for the Jaguar release on Sony.

“The original spiritual concept of soul in Rolando’s record is something you just can’t duplicate in a note by note cover” – Lenny Burden

After the release of Knights of the Jaguar EP on Underground Resistance, Rolando started the Los Hermanos project with two other producers which he was involved until 2005.

Since then it’s all been quiet – except for now.

A few days ago Hiatus EP was released on Delsin. Fusing the sound of The Knights of the Jaguar into a organ tech house number with a lot percussion and a steady house beat with the standards of 2008. The original mix on the A-side is a more direct track with an non stop beat and with a more distinct club image. The Dub mix (which is my favorite) is a more discreet and experimental track, removing the heavy percussion and focusing on a subtile kickdrum and reverbed ambient sounds. With the organ coming in slowly this one is a pure killer on a heavy soundsystem. This makes the Dub mix more timeless and breathtaking and at least for me, interesting.

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